January 12th, 2022

Words and images by Steph Alinsug, with deep collaboration from Clavis, Marvin, and John

Imagine you just walked into a club…

The vibe in the room is one part , one part 🤓. As you move past the bar, you overhear the words “curation,” “bounty,” “Danger Zone,” “inclusion,” “cowboy mystery,” and of course “Mirror.” That’s mClub Season 2.

October 26th, 2021

words by Aye, graphic by O'Plérou

mCLUB recently hosted our Season 1 celebration party to review all the amazing things we accomplished, consolidate our learnings, and recharge for the planning and launch of mCLUB Season 2.

It's hard to believe it was just two months ago when we raised 47 ETH from a total of 189 contributors, giving life to this awesome initiative of supporting creators in the Mirror ecosystem — all while learning how to DAO!

September 8th, 2021

Written by Josh Cornelius

A big part of what we’re building at mCLUB is an infrastructure and support system to help creators take advantage of Mirror's paradigm-shifting toolset. To that end — and due to recent requests — we're sharing examples of Mirror projects that have made good use of the platform's tools.


August 20th, 2021

Written by Josh Cornelius, image by Songcamp

Want to read a story about two DAOs engaged in a partybidding war over music NFTs that unlock access to a third metaverse-building DAO, which will eventually lead to a tangentially related, music-focused DAO for all bidders on these auctions? Of course you do.

First, some context. We are mCLUB, a DAO focused on supporting creators and communities using the Mirror platform. We’re newly formed and have spent the past month figuring out who we are, how we want to operate, and what we care about. As of Monday morning this week, we had collectively decided to make our first grant.

August 3rd, 2021

Written by Danica, image by Marvin. Thanks to Jonah Baer, Dave Kim, Marvin Lin, Idan Levin, Jess Sloss, Natalie Crue, Crypto Thelonius, and the mCLUB media team for editorial support.

Hello World

Spun out of the venerable Seed Club, mCLUB is a new grant-giving DAO. We focus on recruiting, backing, and supporting creators and communities onto the Mirror platform while offering learning experiences for those interested in creating and working within a DAO.