mClub Season 2 Review

Words and images by Steph Alinsug, with deep collaboration from Clavis, Marvin, and John

Imagine you just walked into a club…

The vibe in the room is one part , one part 🤓. As you move past the bar, you overhear the words “curation,” “bounty,” “Danger Zone,” “inclusion,” “cowboy mystery,” and of course “Mirror.” That’s mClub Season 2.

A lil’ refresher on who we are:

mClub exists to:

  • recruit, back, and support creators onto the Mirror platform;
  • become a creator platform itself on Mirror to further support its ecosystem and creators; and
  • create a learning experience for those interested in creating and working within a DAO.

Our Season 2 milestones included:

  • Hiring a Curator Lead
  • Improving our onboarding process
  • Backing at least one creator: Ibn Inglor (musician)
  • Supporting our first project: Not One of Drop of Blood (film)
  • Focusing on Inclusion & Equity

😎 A Curator Lead

We brought on Natalie Crüe as Curator Lead of the mClub team for Seasons 2 and 3. Why the Curator Lead? 👇

Mirror opened its platform to the general public on October 5, 2021. With this change, we anticipated a considerable increase in the number of new publications and campaigns on the Mirror platform. Mirror does not currently have a native ability to discover content; creators easily get lost at sea if they are not already well connected in web3.

To solve this challenge, the mClub Curator Lead identifies emerging creators and/or projects in the Mirror ecosystem and rewards them with $MCLUB tokens. Additionally, the Curator amplifies emerging creators via mClub’s Twitter and Mirror. This role not only aligns with our mission to onboard more creators to the Mirror platform, but also reflects our ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion (more below).

👋 Improved Onboarding

We **relaunched** our wiki for greater information transparency for new and existing contributors. Big ups to Abe for this work. Our retooled wiki provides us with a strong foundation on which to continue reimagining contributor onboarding in Season 3.

To facilitate engaging contributor onboarding, we held our inaugural weekly onboarding call for new contributors and integrated new bounties. The bounties provided potential contributors with opportunities to curate and meaningfully engage with Mirror content in exchange for 5 $MCLUB tokens.

We’re excited to continue iterating the contributor onboarding process in Season 3. As we onboard more people into web3 and into DAOs in particular, we will continue nurturing our belief in the power of one-on-one investment.

🎶 Backing Another Creator: Ibn Inglor

We backed our first Mirror creator, musician Ibn Inglor, who went on to fulfill his crowdfund goal of 20 ETH. Danger Zone is a seven-track album that carries us through Ibn’s life journey, beginning in Altgeld Gardens, a public housing project located on the far south side of Chicago, “a violent neighborhood despite its name.”

According to Ibn: “My goal is to eliminate the need for major record labels by distributing a total of 40% in mechanical royalties to top backers as a way to keep the control of the music within the community and myself.”

We can’t wait for the album drop, which is slated for May 2022. LFTG AF!

🎥 Supporting Our First Project: Not One Drop of Blood (film)

We’re providing ongoing support to Not One Drop of Blood. In Season 2, that support took the form of building a robust pre-release marketing plan.

From the creator Jackson Devereux: Not One Drop of Blood is “an ethnographic cowboy mystery about cattle mutilation in remote Eastern Oregon. This is an immersive story that explores the relationship between remoteness and mystery, and a new way to earnestly explore this mystery.”

Stay tuned for the “Hello World” post from N1DB later this week. 👀

⚖️ Focus on Equity and Inclusion

We launched mClub with the vision of onboarding more creators to the Mirror platform while simultaneously providing mClub contributors with the experience of working in a DAO. At the start of Season 2, we recognized the ways in which mClub was repeating web2 patterns of inequity and exclusivity, which specifically harms marginalized creators.

We decided it’s time we put our crypto where our mouths are. During Season 3, we will publish a Mirror post that will publicly reinforce mClub’s commitment to equity and inclusion, outlining what we see as our role in this effort and how we plan to make an impact.

Season 2 → 3

Our Season 2 extended for a few weeks longer than we originally planned, which is a testament to the energy of mClub’s core contributors. It turns out we had a lot to work on, and turns out we have a lot of great hands on deck. Thank you to all of the people who made significant contributions to mClub in Season 2!

Stay tuned for our Season 3 launch post. Until then, be sure to

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