Hello World! Meet mCLUB.

Written by Danica, image by Marvin. Thanks to Jonah Baer, Dave Kim, Marvin Lin, Idan Levin, Jess Sloss, Natalie Crue, Crypto Thelonius, and the mCLUB media team for editorial support.

Hello World

Spun out of the venerable Seed Club, mCLUB is a new grant-giving DAO. We focus on recruiting, backing, and supporting creators and communities onto the Mirror platform while offering learning experiences for those interested in creating and working within a DAO.

Mirror is much more than a publishing platform for writers and artists. It’s a community-owned and -operated protocol with an ambitious, far-reaching, and creator-centered vision. Mirror provides powerful web3 infrastructure and tools that enable creators to unlock emergent financial and community value.

But how can this value be directed in ways that benefit more creators and their communities?

That’s where mCLUB comes in.

With the financial and social capital raised through our successful membership drive, we’re well-positioned to help creators, curators, and their communities learn and thrive within the Mirror ecosystem. We provide valuable hands-on experience to those seeking opportunities in DAOs.

In our initial launch, we attracted a community of 189 members who contributed over 47 ETH (about $107,000 at the time) and inspired another new DAO. The mCLUB Discord is already buzzing with new ideas, team charters, and community engagement. And vibes! Great vibes!

Introducing Season One

On August 4, 2021, mCLUB will open voting for the Season One proposal and begin building a roadmap for our grant-giving DAO. Adopting the concept of seasons aligns the DAO with a core set of goals to accomplish in a discrete amount of time (typically 2-3 months).

Our objectives include:

  • Supporting Creators and Communities
    • Actively deploy and leverage mCLUB social and financial capital by giving grants to help support creators, curators, and their communities.
    • Provide opportunities for selected creators to post on Mirror through mCLUB, enabling them to experience the magic of Mirror without needing to win the $WRITE RACE.
    • Discover and boost interesting creators and communities who may not yet be well-known.
  • Building Out Loud
    • Establish teams (governance, community, and media to start) to go from 0 to 1 and build community across the interwebs.
    • Experiment with what it means to create and operate a DAO. (Stay tuned for the “So you just created a DAO… now what?” post! 😜)
    • Publish and curate content (case studies, interviews, best practices, how-to guides, etc.) to help demystify the Mirror tools and ecosystem.

We believe that giving grants to creators and advancing the Mirror ecosystem can affirm the value of creative labor and unlock wellsprings of creativity. We have many great things in store, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

What’s Next?

mCLUB would like to thank everyone who rocket-fueled us from 0 votes to 8878 votes within the span of two hours, placing us at #6 and enabling us to win the $WRITE RACE on our first attempt!

Stay tuned for exciting announcements in the coming weeks, including more information on how to get involved with mCLUB. In the meantime, follow mCLUB and Seed Club on Twitter.

Did we mention the great vibes?

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